Treatments for Generalised Anxiety Disorder - What works?

tickAnxiety disorders are treatable

If you suffer from significant anxiety problems it is extremely important that you obtain treatment. This is both because of the major effect that anxiety can have on your life and also because anxiety does not go away easily unless you tackle it head-on. When you've had anxiety for a long time you may need to keep using anxiety management strategies from time to time over some years to help keep your anxiety at manageable levels.

Several types of treatments are available for people with GAD. Medical, psychological and lifestyle treatments, or a combination of these have been found to be helpful.

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Each treatment has either 1, 2 or 3 smiley faces next to it. The more smiley faces, the more research evidence there is to support the treatment as useful. Those with the best evidence have 3 smiley faces next to them:
3 Smilies (Find out about the smiley face rating system)

3 Smilies Antidepressants
2 Smilies Benzodiazepines
1 Smiley Antihistamines
Medical treatments
Psychological treatments
3 Smilies Cognitive behaviour therapy
2 Smilies Progressive muscle relaxation
and other relaxation types
3 Smilies Bibliotherapy
Lifestyle treatments
1 Smilies Acupuncture
1 Smiley! Kava
1 Smiley Dance & movement
1 Smiley Autogenic training
2 Smilies Exercise
1 Smiley Meditation

Kava can cause liver problems in rare cases and more research is needed on its long-term safety before it can be recommended for use. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration has advised consumers to stop taking medicines containing kava.

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